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About Us

Bureau met boek

In the year 2011, Asteria Studios was born from a vision to meet the growing demand for studios that not only served as comfortable accommodation but also as an ideal workspace. The founders recognized the need for a space where business travelers, medics in training and expats could work and relax without compromise.

The concept arose from the desire to create an environment where guests could come home and unwind after an intensive day of work. A place where the convenience of a well-equipped workspace seamlessly blends with the comfort of a home away from home.


Since its inception in 2011, Asteria Studios has proudly welcomed and served hundreds of guests. The commitment to provide good work conditions and understanding of the unique needs of the business traveler have shaped Asteria Studios into what it is today: an oasis of comfort, productivity, and tranquility.


Our story is infused with the experiences of our guests, their successes, and the valuable moments of relaxation they have experienced in our studios. As Asteria Studio's, we remain committed to enriching the stay of every guest and providing a home away from home.


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